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Monitoring Committee

1. Draft Agenda_MC IPARD II_6th

2. Draft_minutes 5MC_MC IPARD II_6th

3. Information on decisions and conclusions_MC IPARD II_6th

6.1 AMR 2019_MC IPARD II_6th

6.2 Information on the progress of the activities of IPARD Agency on IPARD Programme 2014-2020_MC IPARD II_6th

6.2a Staff situation AFSARD_MC IPARD II_6th

6.3 NAO Report_MC IPARD II_6th

7.1 Information on Second Modification of IPARD Programme 2014-2020_MC IPARD II_6th

7.2 Discussion on the third modification of the IPARD Programme 2014-2020_MC IPARD II_6th

7.3 Preparatory activities for Agro Environmental measures_MC IPARD II_6th

8.1 Report on APTA 2019 implementation_MC IPARD II_6th

8.1a Presentation on Technical Assistance Measure_MC IPARD II_ 6th

8.2 Adoption of APTA 2019 second modification_MC IPARD II_6th

8.3 APTA 2020_MC IPARD II_6th

8.4 Progress report Comunication & Publicity_MC IPARD II_6th