9th meeting of the IPARD Programme 2014-2020 Monitoring Committee

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9th meeting of the IPARD Programme 2014-2020 Monitoring Committee

On December 15, 2021, in Strumica, the ninth meeting of the IPARD Monitoring Committee 2014-2020 was held. The Committee is a body for monitoring the programme and making decisions and conclusions in order to improve the implementation of IPARD. The IPARD Monitoring Committee includes members from several institutions, civil society organizations, chambers, representatives of the European Commission, Delegation of the European Union in the country, representatives of the IPARD structure, the IPARD Managing Authority, the Agency for Financial Support in Agriculture and rural development and observers. The Committee is chaired by the State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy, Mr. Rexhail Ismaili.

At the ninth meeting, the Committee was informed about the progress in the realization of the Programme, implementation of the goals, measures and investments for IPARD Programme 2014-2020. The Committee was also informed about the draft IPARD Programme concerning new programming period, 2021-2027, which is still in the drafting and approval phase. The measures that will be covered by the new programming period are the all 4 measures accredited in IPARD Programme 2014-2020 and additional measures for Agro-ecology-climate and organic production, Implementation of strategies for local economic development – LEADER approach, Investments in rural public infrastructure and the measure Advisory services. The description of these measures is informative until the moment of their accreditation.

The draft programme is available at the following link:  https://ipard.gov.mk/en/draft-ipard-2021-2027-programme/

The last day of the 9th meeting of the Committee was dedicated to visiting successful projects from the IPARD Programme 2014-2020. Two successful projects from two priority sectors were visited, i.e. processing of milk and dairy products Mlekara Moskov MS from Strumica and production of must (“young wine”), wine and vinegar AD Strumichko Pole in the village Vasilevo near Strumica. Both investments are granted according to measure 3: Investments in physical assets concerning processing and marketing of agricultural and fishery products.

In order to better inform the general public, the materials from the 9th meeting of the IPARD Monitoring Committee are given below.

1. Draft Agenda_MC IPARD II_9th

2. Minutes 8thMC_MC IPARD II_9th

6.1. Functioning of the management and control system_MC IPARD II_9th

6.2. Information on the results of implementation of IPARD_MC IPARD II_9th

6.3. Information of the IPARD Agency_MC IPARD II_9th

7.1. Information on progress of APTA 2021 implementation_MC IPARD II_9th

7.2. Adoption of APTA 2022_MC IPARD II_9th

7.3 Progress report Comunication & Publicity_MC IPARD II_9th

7.4. Communication and Publicity AAP for 2022_MC IPARD II_9th

8.1. Progress of evaluation activities related to IPARD Programme_MC IPARD II_9th

9.1. Draft IPARD Programme 2021-2027_MC IPARD II_9th

Minutes of the 9 meeting

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