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In the process of selection, the eligibility criteria will be checked first. In case the application meet these requirements, the Business Plan will be assessed and future evaluation will be done according to the selection criteria laid down in the scoring table above, in order to be sure that the investment meets the objectives of the measure. The process for approval of investments is according to the procedures of the IPARD Agency.

Priority shall be given to projects, which demonstrate the following criteria:


*To promote investments and technologies, which aim to protect the environment (zero or positive impact), for both the plant and animal-breeding sector, such as:

  1. Water – irrigation systems with low water consumption (for example drip irrigation systems), systems of adapting the animals with the ration water consumption and minimising the water losses (for example drinking troughs with constant level)
  2. Energy – investments in equipment for using recoverable energies (biogas, solar energy, windmills, geo-thermal energy, etc.
  3. Investments in equipment ensuring hygienic and welfare of animals in the holding.
  4. Investments in farm buildings by using local resources and are of ecological design (wood, stone etc.)
  5. Investments in specific crop protection equipment for ensuring the integrated management for controlling the pests and diseases
  6. Investments in equipment that ensure the management of organic waste in the farm (basins for stocking the liquid manure, platforms of making compost from farmyard manure)
  7. Equipment for loading, transportation and spreading the farmyard manure in the field;
  8. Installations for waste waters treatment and recycling the treated water